Money Heroes from Young Money

Working together to develop children's financial capability

Young Money, supported by HSBC UK, helping teachers and parents to develop and deliver financial education for children aged 3-11 years.

For Teachers

Getting started in the classroom

Legislation requires schools to provide a curriculum that prepares all pupils for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of life. Developing the financial capability of children as they move towards adulthood is a vital part of this. Our support will help you champion sustainable financial education in your school community.

High-quality financial education resources

Make learning fun and engaging, with our wide range of Quality Marked resources, created by us, to develop children’s understanding of money.

Save ready-made resources

We know how much time it takes to develop effective, engaging resources for financial education. Bookmark our ready-made lesson plans for future use.

Keep track of pupil’s progress

Complete activities and track your pupil’s learning progress in your dashboard. Share with parents to collaboratively continue developing children's money skills.

Teacher training and mentoring support

Free teacher training and mentoring support will be available to 500 schools to increase knowledge, skills and confidence in delivering effective financial education. Scroll down and click the link to register.

For Parents

Getting started at home

Helping your child to understand money management by introducing money matters from an early age will ensure they make informed financial decisions as they grow up. Our support will encourage fun, engaging and relevant home learning, with practical ideas to help you talk with your child about money and learn how to manage it effectively.

Making financial education engaging

Make learning about money fun and engaging, with our wide range of high-quality resources, covering a variety of ages and topics.

Giving you the tools to talk about money

We provide tools and guidance full of advice and ideas, empowering and supporting you to start the conversation about money your way.

Keep on top of your child’s progress

Complete activities and track your child’s learning progress. Share with teachers to continue developing money skills collaboratively.

Learning though books and games

Bring learning to life through fantastic storybooks and games, coming soon. This will help children put their skills and imagination in to practice.

Free Financial Education Teacher Training

We are offering free financial education teacher training for up to 500 primary schools in 2021 and 2022 to equip teachers to deliver high-quality and impactful financial education.

Join the conversation at The Money Heroes Podcast

Join us as we discuss learning about money at home; empowering parents to tackle financial education with expert advice on tools and tactics to building healthy habits around money. We will also be introducing our Money Heroes storybooks and games as they launch and provide exciting ideas on how to develop children's money management skills.