About Money Heroes

We’re here to get you talking about money

Money Heroes enables teachers and parents to access and deliver high quality financial education, as well as track children’s progression through the platform.

Young Money

Supporting the development of children's money management skills

With over 19 years’ experience, Young Money supports over 5,000 educators every year to develop the financial capability of the young people they work with. We are a trusted and valued provider of knowledge, resources and training to anyone teaching children and young people how to manage money, alongside influencing policy.

At Young Money, we recognise that parents and teachers are key influencers in a child’s development. That’s why we have developed Money Heroes, focused on teachers and parents collaboratively supporting children aged 3 -11 years develop their financial capability skills, at school and at home. This has been made possible thanks to financial support from HSBC UK.

“We believe every child should have the opportunity to develop their money management skills for later life, and starting early is essential. Money Heroes helps those with the most influence in a child’s development create the heroes of tomorrow.”
Stuart Haire, Head of Wealth & Personal Banking, HSBC UK.

Why we started Money Heroes

We have found that on average children begin to develop their financial habits by the age of seven.

Financial education is critical in the development of children's knowledge, skills and attitudes to money. The two most accessible ways of reaching children are through the education system and their parents. A collaborative, child-centred approach will create positive impact on children’s financial education as it ensures financial capability skills are continuously developed inside and outside of the classroom.

  • 81% of parents believe they can affect how their children will behave with money when they grow up.
  • 85% of young adults aged 16-24 say they were not taught enough about money management in schools; yet, 95% of 16-24 year olds believe that money management is something which can be learnt.

So, bringing these two major influencers together to develop children’s financial capability is extremely powerful.

The support that HSBC UK has given to Money Heroes will enable us to reach more young people than ever before, providing meaningful financial education and give extra support to the most disadvantaged communities across the UK.

Join the conversation at The Money Heroes Podcast

Join us as we discuss learning about money at home; empowering parents to tackle financial education with expert advice on tools and tactics to building healthy habits around money. We will also be introducing our Money Heroes storybooks and games as they launch and provide exciting ideas on how to develop children's money management skills.