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Printable Resource | Ages 3-9 (KS1/2)

To buy or not to buy? [at home]

Overall time: 15 minutes


Theme |Becoming a critical consumer

Give children the chance to understand the difference between needs and wants, so that they can make sensible money decisions.


This activity will cover the following themes from the Young Money Financial Education Planning Framework:

  • Becoming a critical consumer: choices about saving and spending
  • Becoming a critical consumer: spending and saving choices

Learning objectives

This activity will cover the following learning objectives from the Young Money Financial Education Planning Framework:

  • I can explain the difference between something that I need and something I might want
  • I am beginning to understand that people may make different choices about how to save and spend money.
  • I can make spending decisions based on my priorities needs and wants.

Quality Mark

The Financial Education Quality Mark gives educators confidence that the financial education materials they are using are of the highest educational value, contain accurate and up-to-date information and are engaging and relevant for young people.

About this activity

Timing: 15 minutes

How often does your child ask you to buy them something? It is important in everyday life to distinguish between what we need and what we want. This activity helps your child to understand the difference and can help them to think about how they use their own money.

For this activity you will need to spend 15minutes, two or three times a week if possible.

Resources needed

Key vocabulary

buy, cost, money box, needs, price, save, spend, wants

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