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Printable Resource | Ages 9-11 (KS2)

The super supper challenge

Overall time: 60 minutes


Theme |How to manage money

Give your child the opportunity to understand how to make informed decisions and manage a budget by planning a meal.


This activity will cover the following themes from the Young Money Financial Education Planning Framework:

  • How to manage money: simple financial records
  • Becoming a critical consumer: value for money

Learning objectives

This activity will cover the following learning objectives from the Young Money Financial Education Planning Framework:

  • I can use simple financial information to plan and manage a basic budget and keep track of my spending.
  • I know that some things are better value for money than others

Quality Mark

The Financial Education Quality Mark gives educators confidence that the financial education materials they are using are of the highest educational value, contain accurate and up-to-date information and are engaging and relevant for young people.

About this activity

Timing: 60 minutes

Does your child ever ask, ‘What’s for tea’? Challenge your child to choose a meal for supper and work within a given budget to buy the ingredients (and maybe even cook the meal with your supervision!). This will help them to understand budgeting and making choices with money, based on needs and wants. This activity is great opportunity to show your child how you plan meals and keep track of your shopping budget for the whole family.

Resources needed

Key vocabulary

amount, budget, buy, cheap, cost, financial records, price, spend, value

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