Money Heroes Learning Resource

Printable Resource | Ages 3-11 (KS1/2)

Money Heroes glossary

Overall time: 30 minutes


Theme |How to manage money

Use the Money Heroes glossary to define financial terms and concepts when talking about money and working through the Money Heroes activities.

Quality Mark

The Financial Education Quality Mark gives educators confidence that the financial education materials they are using are of the highest educational value, contain accurate and up-to-date information and are engaging and relevant for young people.

About this resource

Timing: 30 minutes

We want to ensure learning about money is fun and engaging, but also effective. So, we have developed a glossary with financial terms used in the activities. It's here to serve as a guide to provide an understanding of terms used in activities and how they are used in the outside world, with examples where relevant.


Use the glossary alongside the activities to help you explain the terms and concepts used throughout.

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