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Printable Resource | Ages 3-5 (KS1)

Let's play shop [at home]

Overall time: 20 minutes


Theme |Becoming a critical consumer

A fantastic way to teach your child about buying goods and making choices on how to spend their money, through role play.


This activity will cover the following themes from the Young Money Financial Education Planning Framework:

  • Becoming a critical consumer: choices about spending

Learning objectives

This activity will cover the following learning objectives from the Young Money Financial Education Planning Framework:

  • I know that I can spend money in different places and on different things, e.g. buying toys or going on the bus, and that these may cost different amounts.
  • I can make simple choices about how to spend my money.

Quality Mark

The Financial Education Quality Mark gives educators confidence that the financial education materials they are using are of the highest educational value, contain accurate and up-to-date information and are engaging and relevant for young people.

About this activity

Timing: 20 minutes

How often does your child handle money? Cash payments are becoming less popular and are being replaced by card payments. Role-playing ‘shops’ at home is a great way for younger children to rehearse many aspects of financial education, to recognise and understand physical money and its value. Buying things, and realising that you can’t have something if you don’t have enough money, helps children develop an awareness of how money is used and what it is worth.

Resources needed

Key vocabulary

buy, cash register, cashier, coins, change, money, pay, price, price tag, purse, spend, wallet

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