Money Heroes Learning Resource

Printable Resource | Ages 9-11 (KS2)

A sporting chance

Overall time: 60 minutes


Theme |Becoming a critical consumer

Explores real-life money management, and the pressures of buying merchandise in relation to sport.


This activity will cover the following themes from the Young Money Financial Education Planning Framework:

  • Becoming a critical consumer: value for money
  • How to manage money: simple financial records

Learning objectives

This activity will cover the following learning objectives from the Young Money Financial Education Planning Framework:

  • I can make comparisons between prices when deciding which is best value for money.
  • I can use simple financial information to plan and manage a budget and keep track of my spending. How to manage money: influences on saving and spending.
  • I understand why we should all be critical consumers, thinking carefully about how we use our money.

Quality Mark

The Financial Education Quality Mark gives educators confidence that the financial education materials they are using are of the highest educational value, contain accurate and up-to-date information and are engaging and relevant for young people.

About this activity

Timing: 60 minutes

Sport provides an excellent vehicle for teaching financial education, particularly if it is associated with a local club – football, cricket or tennis. This activity explores ticket sales, travelling costs, players’ salaries and similar topics. You could run this activity across two lessons to allow more time for research and discussion. You may even choose to use these activities as a basis for a class ‘sport’ topic. Additionally, this activity, can be used in conjunction with ‘A Sporting Fan’ activity.

Key vocabulary

budget, buy, cheap, cost, essential, luxury, price, save, spend, value

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